Fuku = Wealth, Roku = Happiness, Ju = Longevity.  Credited with being able to revive the dead.  During his human incarnation, he was a sennin, an immortal; a philosopher who could exist without eating food.  He is thought to embody the celestial powers of the south polar star.

The bearded Fukurokuju has an unusually elongated forehead. He is typically shown in the customary garments of a Chinese scholar and holding a cane with a scroll attached to it.

Fukurokuju is the grandfather of Jurojin, where each is often confused for the other.

There is a story related to this aspect of longevity.  A farmer, returning to his home, passed two old men playing a game of chess. As he quietly watched the match, each slow move after another, it seemed to him that the beard of one contestant grew longer. During the long match, the bearded man gave the farmer some strange-tasting food to take away his hunger. Much later in the day, the farmer realized the day had passed, and politely bid farewell to the players. He rushed home, only to discover it no longer existed. After making inquiries, he discovered that 200 years had passed as he watched the chess game.



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