First Meeting Writings

Hello Authors,

Here you respond to this post with your assignment of three sentences.  Think of these three sentences as the opening paragraph to your novel, or one of its chapters.  There is no need to tell a story or to achieve closure.  The requirements are simple:

  1. Introduce your character;
  2. describe the setting;
  3. present a hook.

One thought on “First Meeting Writings

  1. from “The Past,” by Ellen Glasgow
    I had no sooner entered the house than I knew something was wrong. Though I had never been in so splendid a place before—it was one of those big houses just off Fifth Avenue—I had a suspicion from the first that the magnificence covered a secret disturbance. I was always quick to receive impressions, and when the black iron doors swung together behind me, I felt as if I were shut inside a prison.

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